Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown – Puzzle a Day Printable advent Calendar for Kids

$20 CAD, includes written & photo set up instructions & all files for 24 puzzles + 1 bonus puzzle

A printable Christmas Countdown with 24 mini escape room puzzles for kids and families you can easily set up at home.

Age 4-5 will need adult assistance but will still have lots of fun.
Age 6-8 may need some adult assistance or need to use the hint clues.
Age 9-13 should be able too do this with very little to no adult assistance.
Age 12-15 should need no adult assistance but everyone is different so you don’t know for sure.

You are purchasing a digital download to print at home with regular paper & a colour printer.

Clear step by step set up instructions included in written form & with photos.

Put puzzles in a reusable advent calendar and/or add candy or small toys for extra fun!


*All locks are QR codes you scan with your mobile phone camera app to go to a google form where you will have to enter the correct code.
*You will have an option to ask for a hint on every lock.
*There is a link to a page with answers for all puzzles if you are really stuck.

Instructions: Christmas Countdown
Puzzle a Day Printable Advent Calendar for Kids

1. You will solve 24 puzzles – one for each day from December 1 to 24.
2. There are 2 final puzzles to solve by filling in the blanks with letters to reveal a secret message. You will receive 1 letter after each daily puzzle you solve.
3. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera app & click the link to a google form to enter your code for the lock. Once it’s correct, you will receive one of the letters you need for the final puzzle.

You will need this to play the game:

1. One smart phone with internet connection.
2. You may like to use a pencil for some puzzles.

You will need this to set up:

1. Printer with colour ink & white printer paper
2. Scissors or paper cutter.
3. OPTIONAL: Reusable advent calendar. Put 1 puzzle in each numbered spot.
OPTIONAL: Candy, chocolates or small toys to go in with the puzzles as a reward for solving the puzzle.

Set up the Escape Game:

STEP 1: Prepare the printed materials.

1. Print all pages of the Christmas Countdown puzzles. (13 pages)
2. Set aside the final puzzle so you can add letters after solving each puzzle. (The page with the numbered blanks that says “Merry Christmas”)
3. Cut each of the remaining 12 pages in half along the dotted lines.

STEP 2: Set up the game:

1. IF USING A REUSABLE ADVENT CALENDAR: Fold each puzzle to fit 1 puzzle in each numbered spot. Put the puzzle that says Dec 1 in spot #1, Dec 2 in spot #2, Dec 3 in spot #3, etc. OPTIONAL: add candy, chocolates or small toys in with each puzzle.

2. If you don’t have a reusable advent calendar you either place the puzzles face down so Dec 1 would be on the top of the face down pile (the first puzzle you pick up) & Dec 24 would be at the bottom (the last puzzle you pick up). You could also fold the paper so just the date is showing & put them in box.

Two ways to play:

1. ONE PUZZLE A DAY: Solve 1 puzzle per day from December 1 to December 24. Remember to fill in the blanks on the final puzzle as you go.

2. ALL PUZZLES AT ONCE: Solve all 24 puzzles in one sitting! If you just can’t wait to solve the next puzzle, go ahead & solve all of them in a row on the same day. You could time yourself to see how long it takes. Fill in the blanks on the final puzzle as you go.

For either method you can print multiple copies so each family member can have their own OR you can work together to solve the puzzles.


1. Scan the QR code on each puzzle with your mobile phone’s camera app.

2. Enter the code in the space provided & click submit. If your code is wrong you will need to try again.

3. There is a hint on the Google form for each puzzle. Type YES (all uppercase letters) in the space provided to reveal the hint. You must erase YES to be able to click the submit button to check your code.