Haunted House Escape

A printable Halloween escape room for kids and families you can play right after printing! All you need is a pencil.

$10 for 7 pages of puzzles to solve.

Haunted House Escape is a printable escape room for kids. There is no set up required. Once you print your seven puzzle pages, you are ready to play the game. You only need a pencil to solve the mystery message to win. This Halloween game is an easy set up game for families and parties. This Kids escape room is suitable for children about age 8-12. Hints and puzzle answers are in a separate file so parents can join in the fun without knowing how to solve the puzzles.

5 puzzles are included
7 pages to print

Puzzles are mixed amongst the pages so you will need to use each page more than once.

NO set up required.
Only a pencil is needed.

Age Ranges are a guideline. Everyone’s mind works different.
*age 5-7 will have fun but will need parent or older child assistance to read some clues.
*age 8-12 should be able to solve most puzzles with little to no adult assistance.
*age 12+ should find the game fairly easy but will still have fun if you love escape games

Play alone or in small groups of about 2-4 players.
If you have more than 4 groups, print the puzzles multiple times & see which group can finish the fastest!