Castle Locke Escape


Castle Locke Escape – Online Escape Room for Teens & Adults

An Online Escape Room game you can play with friends and family or tackle the puzzles by yourself. You only need a computer and a smart phone to play. Castle Locke Escape can also be played on most tablets. Great for team building too! Play in an online meeting or at an in person event. Everyone can use their phones to scan QR codes to help solve the puzzles.

Play time for most is 1-2 hours – 10 Puzzles.
There is no time limit to finish the game & you can restart or replay as many times as you like.
Recommended for teens & adults due to difficulty of the puzzles.
All images & text used in the game is appropriate for any age if you would like to play as a family with younger kids.
Any number of people can play this game.

After purchasing you will receive a PDF download that includes a link & entrance code to play the game.

For the best experience use a computer to play the game. This can also be played on a large tablet if you do not have a computer. It is also recommended to have a smart phone with you.

For best performance use Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers to play the game. Errors have been reported when using Edge.