Stop the Bomb

$20 CAD, includes written & photo set up instructions & all files for 10 puzzles, 5 QR code locks, 5 paper key locks & 5 paper keys.

Instant download after purchase. Printable files to set up your own escape room at home for your kids or family. Includes 10 puzzles, 5 paper key locks & 5 QR code locks. Find out if your code is correct using a google form after scanning the QR code with your camera app on your phone.

Stop the Bomb – a theme especially for kids who love to save everyone!

All printable puzzles, detailed written instructions & photo instructions are included in the digital files.

10 puzzles designed for kids & families. Any number of players but you will get more turns to do something in a smaller group. Game play is about 30-60 minutes but will vary depending on previous escape room experience.

Clear step by step set up instructions included in written form & with photos.


*All locks are made of paper.
*Some are QR codes you scan with your smart phone camera app to go to a google form where you will have to enter the correct code to unlock the box.
*Some are matching paper keys to paper locks.

Stop the Bomb – 
Home Escape Game Rules

1. Only search in places when you are told to do so. You don’t want to accidentally find a key or clue too early.

2. If an object (box, bag, etc.) has a paper lock on it (key locks or QR code locks), you must get the lock open before opening the object.

3. To open a box or bag with a picture of a key, you need to find the paper key that looks EXACTLY the same. Once you have the matching key, you can open the box or bag that has the same key.

4. To unlock QR code locks scan the QR code with your phone’s camera app & click the link to a google form. You can enter your code in the form to see if it’s correct. Once it’s correct, you can open the box.

5. Stay in the game play area. The person who set up the game can tell you which room or rooms the game play area includes.

MISSION: Stop the Bomb!

The President just called. There is a bomb about to detonate in 60 min. He needs you & your team of specialists to deactivate the bomb. Not only is the bomb armed, it’s also locked behind a bunch of traps. You will need to get past the traps & figure out how to deactivate the bomb before the whole city explodes!

We are counting on you. Can you do it?

You will need this to play the game:

1. One smart phone with internet connection.
2. Something to write with (pencil, pen, marker)
3. One pair of scissors.

Star Rating

The faster you finish the game, the more stars you get!

< 30 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
30-45 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
45-60 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️
60+ min = ⭐️⭐️
Gave up = ⭐️

You will need this to set up:

1. Printer with colour ink & white printer paper
2. Scissors
3. Glue stick or stapler
4. Tape
5. 10 empty boxes, bags, pencil cases, suitcases (to lock up & hide clues inside). Any size will work as paper can be folded to fit.

You will be hiding paper keys in the following places.

These items can all be in the same room OR you can spread them out around the house. For example, the shoe can stay at your home entrance.

1. Mug (must be a mug, not just any cup)
2. Any novel or book with at least 46 pages.
3. Table (any size)
4. Chair (any kind)
5. A paper pouch made using one of the printed puzzles.

Puzzle solutions included so a parent can give hints if necessary.