The Case of the Missing Bunny

$20 CAD, includes written & photo set up instructions & all files for 10 puzzles, 10 hint cards, 5 QR code locks, 5 paper key locks & 5 paper keys.

Instant download after purchase. Printable files to set up your own escape room at home for your kids or family. Includes 10 puzzles, 5 paper key locks & 5 QR code locks. Find out if your code is correct using a google form after scanning the QR code with your camera app on your phone.

MISSION: The Case of the Missing Bunny

Have you heard the news?

The Easter Bunny is missing! Detective C.Arrot has found some clues but needs help piecing together the puzzle. Can you use your detective skills to help him find the Easter Bunny?


All printable puzzles, paper keys/locks, hint cards, detailed written instructions & photo instructions are included in the digital files.

10 puzzles designed for kids & families. Any number of players but you will get more turns to do something in a smaller group. Game play is about 30-60 minutes but will vary depending on previous escape room experience.

Age 3-4 might need some adult assistance or hints along the way.
Age 5-7 should be able to do this with very little to no adult assistance.
Age 8+ will probably find this one too easy.

Hint cards are included. These are totally optional but might make it fun if the kid wants to ask for a hint. Parents helping out shouldn’t need the hints to help out.

You are purchasing a digital download to print at home with regular paper & a colour printer.

Clear step by step set up instructions included in written form & with photos.

Add Easter treats or Easter baskets for extra fun!


*All locks are made of paper.
*Some are QR codes you scan with your smart phone camera app to go to a google form where you will have to enter the correct code to unlock the box.
*Some are matching paper keys to paper locks.

You  are welcome to replace paper locks with real locks as long as they are programmed to the exact same code as the paper locks. Real key locks can replace paper keys.

Home Escape Game Rules

1. Only search in places when you are told to do so. You don’t want to accidentally find a key or clue too early.

2. If an object (box, bag, envelope, door etc.) has a paper lock on it (key locks or QR code locks), you must get the lock open before opening the object.

3. To open a box (or other object) with a picture of a key, you need to find the paper key that looks EXACTLY the same. Once you have the matching key, you can open the box that has the same key.

4. To unlock QR code locks scan the QR code with your phone’s camera app & click the link to a google form. You can enter your code in the form to see if it’s correct. Once it’s correct, you can open the box.

5. Stay in the game play area. The person who set up the game can tell you which room or rooms the game play area includes.

You will need this to play the game:

1. One smart phone with internet connection.
Star Rating

The faster you finish the game, the more stars you get!

< 30 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
30-45 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
45-60 min = ⭐️⭐️⭐️
60+ min = ⭐️⭐️
Gave up = ⭐️

You will need this to set up:

1. Printer with colour ink & white printer paper
2. Scissors
3. Tape
4. 10 empty boxes, bags, gift bags, pencil cases, suitcases, doors to rooms/cabinets (to lock up & hide clues inside). Any size will work as paper can be folded to fit inside.

5. OPTIONAL: Easter Candy! You can choose to put some Easter candy in any or all of the boxes for kids to find as they are playing the game.

6. OPTIONAL: Easter Basket! Since this theme is about finding the missing Easter baskets you could hide an Easter basket filled with treats in the last box with the “you win” message.

**Set up will take about an hour. Allow more time if this is your first escape room set up or if you plan to do extra decorating. Set up may be faster if you have set up one of our escape rooms before.

You will be hiding paper keys in the following places.

These items can all be in the same room OR you can spread them out around the house.

1. Table (any size)
2. Lunch Box (any kind)
3. Chair (any kind)
4. Cup (any kind)
5. Hat (any kind)

HINTS – 2 ways to play

1. Someone is the game master (usually parent, teacher or other adult or older teen). The game master uses the hint/solution sheet provided in the instructions to give hints along the way if needed. The hints can be as big or small as you choose.
2. Use the included hint cards so little to no adult involvement is necessary.
If kids are stuck on a puzzle, they flip over the matching hint card to get a hint on how to solve the puzzle. The exact solution is NOT given.
* Only use a hint card when you are REALLY stuck & everyone in the group agrees to use one.
* Maybe make a rule that you can only use a hint after spending at least 5 or 10 minutes on the puzzle.

Set up the Escape Game

** Be sure to complete EVERY step or the game won’t work. 
** You can use any room or multiple rooms. You can choose where you hide keys & locked boxes.

STEP 1: Prepare the printed materials.

1. Print all pages of The Case of the Missing Bunny PUZZLES. (23 pages)
2. Cut out the 10 paper locks, 5 paper keys & 10 hint cards.
3. Cut on the dotted lines to split pages into multiple puzzles or pieces for puzzles. (5 pages have dotted lines) 
DO NOT cut the dotted lines on the page that says Puzzle 6.
4. Cut out along the edge of the coloured eggs with individual letters to make 9 separate eggs.
5. Cut out the small blue squares by cutting on the white lines. These will be bingo chips for one of the puzzles.
6. Cut out the 5 circles with carrots along the edge of the circle.
7. Cut the phone book out along the edges & fold the paper in half to make it look like a real phone book.

STEP 2: Set up hint cards (if using them):

1. Fold backwards on the solid line so you can put the words face down on the table & the word HINT & the Puzzle # will pop up.
2. Put all 10 hint cards face down on a table in the play area.

STEP 3: Hide the keys in these specific places.

The play area can include as many rooms as you like. (Living room, kitchen, boot room, front door area, bedroom, etc..)

NOTE: Do NOT put these items inside a room that you are “locking” with a paper lock unless you are sure the room will already be unlocked when the players need the item.

1. Table – tape the blue egg paper key under a table located in the play area.
2. Lunch Box – hide the brown triangle paper key inside a lunch box & place it somewhere in the play area.
3. Chair – tape the pink star paper key under a chair in the play area.
4. Cup – hide the yellow square paper key inside a cup & place it somewhere in the play area.
5. Hat – hide the purple X paper key under a hat & place it somewhere in the play area.

STEP 4: Put the puzzles in the boxes/bags & lock them up.
Detailed instructions included in PDF download.

Puzzle solutions included so a parent can give hints if necessary.